Typical Activities

Our Very Active Environment of Change

Students are challenged daily in relationships as they interact with staff and their peers while participating in many fun and exciting opportunities. Our environment is one that balances discipline with personal responsibility to create a positive peer culture. Our goal is to nurture students that make positive decisions that are not based on mandatory compliance, but rather where positive choices are made as a result of genuine concern for themselves and others.

Physical Fitness

girls boarding schoolsExercise is a part of the regular day to day at CGA.  Students are able to achieve physical fitness through use of the multiple facilities on campus. Our fitness room contains state of the art aerobic equipment.  We have an on campus regulation sand volleyball court, 2 outdoor basketball courts, a softball field, canoes, paddle boats, paddle boards, and swimming pool.  Students also enjoy running and resistance training on our beautiful lakeside property.

girls boarding schools

Fine Arts

girls boarding schoolsEach year CGA students have the opportunity to join over 65,000 students from all over the country to participate in district and national Fine Arts Festivals. Students may enter as many as 66 categories offered in 8 main divisions: Art, Communication, Dance, Drama, Exhibition, Instrumental, Vocal, and Writing.

Family Weekends

girls boarding schoolsFamilies of CGA students are welcomed to our campus on Family Weekend for visits.   Along with the visit, family weekends include program updates and announcements, parent seminar and support, a family movie night, church service attendance and scheduled meetings with the counselor and teacher.

Inspirational Speakers

therapeutic boarding school for girlsVarious inspirational and spiritual speakers are invited to our campus to speak to the girls.


Our Graduation dinner and celebration service sets CGA apart.  Graduation Services are a wonderful time of celebration and reflection at the end of a student’s stay at CGA.  Students, staff, and guests gather on the CGA campus for a beautifully appointed meal and service in honor of the graduate’s accomplishments.  Graduates, dressed in cap and gown, are awarded certificates noting their achievements, including a diploma for high school graduates.

therapeutic boarding school for girls

Annual Conferences

girls boarding schoolsSPARED – Each fall, all CGA students and staff attend this 4 day youth conference designed solely for teen students in residential programs, located at Springville Camp in Birmingham Alabama.   The speakers at SPARED conferences are qualified adults who have experienced a successful life to the fullest after completing a program as a teen or young adult and are sharing messages of hope.  The conference is also packed with team building activities and fun out on the lake.

Branded By Fire — A 5 day youth conference located in Pensacola Florida.  This conference features some of today’s top ministry speakers, morning and evening worship, as well as plenty of time on the beautiful Florida beach.

Purity Conference — Designed by CGA counselors and staff specifically for the CGA student body, the theme of this 4-day conference is purity of heart in midst of the culture facing today’s teens.  In-house and guest speakers tackle the important topics of internet safety, porn, and sex trafficking.  The conference is also packed with group counseling sessions on topics of identity, healthy relationships with the opposite sex, true intimacy, and how to have freedom from past sexual mistakes.  Fun activities and special times of reflection and prayer are also included throughout the conference.

Community Outreach

girls boarding schoolsCGA partners with the local community and established outreaches to provide students the opportunity to serve others.  Service is a key component of our program. These meaningful experiences with local underprivileged children, the homeless, and the elderly open the eyes of our students to real life and the needs that exist around them.  Students are often inspired to pursue paths in education and careers that will make an impact on the people groups they have served at CGA.  They feel a sense of gratitude and pride for being able to make this contribution to individuals in society that are in need of help.

Mission Trips

boarding school for troubled girls

girls boarding schools

Annual missions trips are taken to to New York City for selected senior students who qualify and have parental permission to attend.  This week long trip includes training on how to minister to the different people groups, team building, community outreach opportunities, and time to see all the sites.  The girls also have an opportunity to see a Broadway play.

Adventure Trips

The girls who have earned the opportunity to travel with us enjoy the beaches of the beautiful Gulf Coast and other venues and fun activities.  This is a key benefit and enticement for the girls to work hard at CGA to get control of their attitudes and behavior.

girls boarding schools

girls boarding schoolsgirls boarding schools




Should you need help finding boarding schools, residential treatment centers, troubled teen schools or therapeutic schools, please let us know. CGA is a Christian therapeutic boarding school for troubled teenage girls. It offers academics enhanced by counseling for girls with life-controlling issues. CGA is known for being a top-rated Christian-based residential treatment center for troubled girls offering therapeutic intervention and academic restoration. Therapeutic boarding schools provide troubled teenage girls with counseling and therapy. This boarding school helps at-risk teenage girls from throughout the Southeast and America (USA).

Typical Activities – Teen Challenge School for Girls

Typical activities of the Columbus Girls Academy located in Alabama, a program of Teen Challenge International.

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