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girls boarding schoolsAt CGA, every student has the opportunity to achieve a premium education that is well-rounded and fully accredited.  CGA is a year-round school, which allows our students to achieve phenomenal progress towards high school completion and beyond.  Our partnerships with Edgenuity Virtual Academy and Liberty University Online produce an educational atmosphere that spurs a desire to succeed, which gains momentum and encourages the student to reach their full potential.

accreditted educationCGA uses a fully accredited online Middle and High School curriculum supplied by Edgenuity Virtual Academy, which is certified by COGNIA, the highest accrediting body for schools in the United States. 

liberty universityOur high school graduates transition immediately into general education college courses with Liberty University. Once a student has transitioned to Liberty University, their educational path is their own.  Students have the ability to keep a collegiate pace while attending CGA.  Several options
open up for transitioning into a university setting after CGA.


CGA applies various types of resources to advance our students to academic excellence. This includes tools such as Reading Plus, which has been shown to improve the reading level of a high school student. 95 % of our graduates attain university reading level showing a dramatic change in their comprehension abilities. 100% of our middle school students are reading at their grade level or above.  Our objective is that every CGA student attains their appropriate reading level.

girls boarding schools

Our math subjects are enhanced by which provides grade-level practice problems per math concept that ensures a student’s mathematical confidence.

SAT Courses

Our 11th- and 12th-grade students are enrolled in Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) prep classes, with videos, two months in advance of test date. SAT preparation hones the student’s critical thinking skills, broadens their vocabulary base, and develops grammatically correct writing for the SAT essay. Armed with these tools, the student is primed and ready for maximum performance on the College Board SAT test, which is necessary for college entrance.


Should you need help finding therapeutic homes, boarding high schools, therapeutic schools near me or therapeutic boarding schools, please let us know. Our therapeutic boarding school provides troubled teenage girls with counseling and therapy in a beautiful southern setting. We’re a boarding school that helps at-risk teenage girls. Girls come from all over America to our boarding school, but also throughout America (USA).

Academics – Teen Challenge School for Girls

Academics information for the Columbus Girls Academy located in Alabama.