Christian Boarding Schools for Girls

Columbus Girls Academy is a Place Where Teens Can Get Caught Up Academically and Gain a New Perspective and New Attitude About Life

christian boarding schools studentsAs you look for Christian boarding schools for girls, perhaps you will look at an affordable Christian boarding school known to help turn around troubled girls. Columbus Girls Academy is a lower-cost all-girls Christian boarding school situated on a beautiful, rolling 200-acre campus in Southeast Alabama, just over the border from Columbus, Georgia.  It is specifically designed to work with girls who are struggling with life and life controlling issues.

Columbus Girls Academy strives to mature the whole girl in four key areas: spiritual, social, academic, and physical. Therapy at the Christian boarding school for girls takes place in both individual and group settings. Each student is assigned to a mentoring team member who also serves as the point of contact for the family. Adapted for each girl’s situation, the program promotes introspection and scrutiny of personal problem areas.

Christian Boarding School for Girls, with Alternative Help for Troubled Teens

christian-boarding-schoolStaff at CGA work hard to create a positive peer culture. Each girl is trained to be responsible for her own decisions and to hold others accountable for theirs, and to shift her focus from self to serving others. We seek positive actions not out of strict obedience but from genuine caring for the interests of self and others.

CGA is an accredited high school that operates enrolls girl year-round. Girls not only get caught up on their courses, but they usually also get ahead and go on to prepare for college entrance exams. Our on-campus teachers facilitate tutor individual girls.

therapeutic-modelA resident girl’s life involves a variety of recreational and extracurricular activities each week. Recreation brings fun to daily life with activities on our 35-acre private lake, special outings, and field trips, concerts, and team-building events. Columbus Girls Academy balances discipline with personal accountability. We witness marvelous transformation in our residents every day as they find true confidence and purpose through a new or renewed relationship with Christ.

For over 45 years, our Christian boarding school for girls has shown that a personal relationship with Jesus Christ changes people’s lives. To that end, students participate in church services, daily morning chapel services, local youth group, and in biblical studies. We surround our students all day long with an environment to help facilitate life change through the witness and guidance of our staff and counselors.

Our alternative program includes mentoring; both individually and in group meetings. Students in our boarding school are challenged daily in their relationships and respect for others as they interact with school and counseling staff and their peers. It is an environment that balances discipline with personal responsibility to create a positive peer culture. Our goal is to help students make positive decisions, not based on mandatory compliance, but rather the result of a genuine change of heart. Community service, special projects, outings and mission trips also help our boarding school students change their focus from self to serving others.

See how our affordable and reputable Christian boarding school for girls can bring about restoration to your teenage girl and your family.

THE FOLLOWING IS TO HELP US BE FOUND IN SEARCH, IT DOES NOT REFLECT OUR PROGRAM OR LICENSING:  Should you need help finding homes for at-risk teen near me, rehab centers for teenagers, low cost boarding schools, schools for troubled teens, schools for troubled teenagers, or therapeutic boarding schools, please let us know.  Parents looking for therapeutic boarding schools for troubled girls and military schools for girls typically have a troubled girl.  Such therapeutic boarding schools for girls and girls homes provide help for troubled teens. Other girls-only therapeutic schools and therapeutic boarding schools for girls are places to send troubled youth.  The difference between an all-girl military school and a troubled teen therapeutic school has to do with discipline and methods they use.  Military schools for teens are all about discipline, decorum, drills, and repetitiveness. Therapeutic schools, residential treatment centers, and therapeutic girls’ homes provide counseling and therapy, and they often use therapeutic tools like equine therapy or animal therapy. Typical boarding schools are not places to send troubled youth, since they have no therapy and little discipline for troubled girls — they usually will not enroll troubled teens and are not considered troubled teen schools.  Many who are seeking military schools for girls may want to instead look for therapeutic schools for troubled girls, like therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment centers for girls, and Christian boarding schools.

Christian Boarding Schools for Girls - Teen Challenge School for Girls

Christian boarding school designed for girls who are struggling with substance abuse, rebellion, or other life-controlling issues. Columbus Girls Academy.

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