Helping Girls With Borderline Personality Disorder

Your Daughter and Borderline Personality Disorder …Here’s How We See It at Columbus Girls Academy

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Borderline Personality Disorder is a mental health illness in which she might exhibit atypical levels of depth and variation of moods, unrelenting instability in her interpersonal relationships, self-image, and demeanor.  Borderline Personality Disorder (also sometimes referred to as Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder) might bring about self-loathing, mood changes triggered by perceived rebuff, isolation or failure.  With BDP, she might be hypersensitive to critique, and her feelings toward others are subject to rapid shifts and changes.  Feelings of insignificance might lead to impulsive and reckless behavior.

If your daughter suffers from Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder she is likely to see things (or people) in extremes, either perfect or terrible, something (someone) wonderful one day can be appalling the next; very black and white thinking.  This can lead her to dangerously risky actions (in food or drug intake, expenses, driving, or sex), displays of unacceptable anger, self-mutilation or suicidal behavior.

As with many other personality disorders, while the causes for BPD are not established, a combination of environmental, genetic factors, and brain chemistry are thought to be causal contributors.  The higher risk might also come from a close family member who has the disorder, or from childhood abuse or neglect.

Without treatment, your daughter can face grave complications connected to isolation and relationship issues, money or legal problems.

IMG_2368Treatment is primarily therapy-based but can be thorny, because there must be a great deal of trust between your daughter and her therapist, something often difficult to achieve because of the swift and extreme mood swings.  Distinctive treatment methods might include interpersonal therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and psychodynamic therapy.

We offer a program able to help your daughter before she becomes an adult trapped in a dysfunctional lifestyle.  Set within our tranquil 200-acre campus, we offer both individual and regular group mentoring. Our accredited academic program meets standards of quality higher education institutions and is customized so that each girl is given the chance to refocus and appraise her life decisions.

Columbus Girls Academy. Changing motivations in life and restoring relationships. Please call us at (334) 855-3695;  we are here to help your girl.

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Girls With Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder -- a mental disorder marked by emotional instability and a severely distorted self-image.

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