Helping Girls Overcome Avoidant Personality Disorder

Your Daughter and Avoidant Personality Disorder …Here’s How We See It at Columbus Girls Academy

avoidant personality disorderWe can help your daughter as she struggles with Avoidant Personality Disorder, with long-standing feelings of inadequacy and undue sensitivity to what others think about her.  These might lead to her being socially inhibited and shy, wary of activities in which she’d find herself interacting with others, afraid of being subject to scorn.

Does she see herself as socially inept, believe that her peers find her uninteresting and unappealing, suffer from seriously low self-confidence and heightened self-consciousness?  If so, your daughter may well be dealing with Avoidant Personality Disorder.

This is Why We’re Here.

It’s critical to find the right diagnosis and set of treatments that will allow her to thrive if she is not progressing in a traditional school setting.  Our small student base might be just the thing to ensure her growth here. We understand that the last thing you want is for Avoidant Personality Disorder to control your daughter’s life, and our key to success will be to effectively confront her (negative) beliefs about herself!

About Columbus Girls Academy

istock_000005623919xsmall-300x199CGA is a Christian boarding school for teenage girls suffering from life-controlling problems. We present a disciplined and controlled setting that focuses on whole person character development with spiritual growth. For parents who have tried everything to help their daughter, we are an early intervention program, ready to come into her life before she becomes ensnared in a dysfunctional adulthood.

Located in the peace and tranquility of our 200-acre campus, we offer both individual and regular group mentoring. Our academic program is recognized by organizations who support the high academic standards demanded by colleges and universities; adapted for each individual student, we will provide your daughter with an opportunity to find a new way of thinking about others.

Columbus Girls Academy. Changing motivations in life and restoring relationships. Please call us at (334) 947-1010;  we are here to assist your girl with her Avoidant Personality Disorder in all ways possible, in a positive and encouraging atmosphere.

THE FOLLOWING IS TO HELP US BE FOUND IN SEARCH, IT DOES NOT REFLECT OUR PROGRAM OR LICENSING:  Should you need help finding top boarding schools, troubled teen schools, girls Teen Challenge schoolaffordable boarding schools, or homes for boys, please let us know.  Parents looking for therapeutic boarding schools for troubled girls and military schools for girls typically have a troubled girl.  Such therapeutic boarding schools for girls and girls homes provide help for troubled teens. Other girls-only therapeutic schools and Christian boarding schools for girls are places to send troubled youth.  The difference between an all-girl military school and a troubled teen therapeutic school has to do with discipline and methods they use. Typical Christian boarding schools are not places to send troubled youth, since they have no therapy and little discipline for troubled girls — they usually will not enroll troubled teens and are not considered troubled teen schools, unlike therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment centers for troubled girls, and Christian boarding schools just for troubled teen girls – a school for troubled girls.

Helping Girls with Avoidant Personality Disorder

We help girls with Avoidant Personality Disorder -- girls who experience feelings of inadequacy and are extremely sensitive to what others think of them.