Girls With Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

Your Daughter and Difficulty with Distractions in a Classroom Setting – Attention Deficit Disorder

iStock_000008302836XSmallDifficulty with Distractions in a Classroom Setting is Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). It is a behavior pattern seen as the lack of ability to stay on task, with trouble in controlling emotions and staying still, when compared with the general population.  This behavior can hinder your daughter’s ability to finish her work, and function successfully in society.

If your daughter is easily sidetracked, has poor organizational skills, or jumps from one unfinished assignment to another, she may well be facing the problems of Difficulty with Distractions in a Classroom Setting.

Precise causes of ADD (also Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or Attention Difficulties) are unknown but studies show some links with heredity, nutrition, and environment.

This is Why We’re Here…to Help Girls

Because it’s so easy for girls with ADD or Attention Difficulties to be distracted, a large percentage of girls fail to finish high school, or don’t get the kind of grades needed to go on to a good college.  While your daughter may not completely outgrow her symptoms, she can certainly learn strategies for success, even as a teenager. You don’t want attention deficit disorder to control her life.

columbus5CGA is a Christian boarding school that presents a structured and controlled therapeutic setting that focuses on whole-person character development with spiritual growth.  We know how to help girls with ADD finish up their education and we teach them strategies to focus better on the important things in life.

For parents who have tried every option available, we offer an early intervention program for your daughter before she becomes an adult trapped in a dysfunctional lifestyle and lack of education.

Our program is recognized by organizations that sustain the educational standards demanded by colleges and universities.  We will tailor our program for your daughter, so that she might refocus and assess her life decisions.

Columbus Girls Academy. Changing motivations in life and restoring relationships. Please call us at (334) 855-3695;  we are here to assist your girl.

Should you need help finding Christian boarding schools, affordable boarding schools, troubled teen schools or Christian boarding schools, please let us know. CGA is a Christian therapeutic boarding school for troubled teenage girls. It offers academics enhanced by counseling for girls with life-controlling issues. CGA is known for being a top-rated Christian-based residential treatment center for troubled girls offering therapeutic intervention and academic restoration. Therapeutic boarding schools provide troubled teenage girls with counseling and therapy. This boarding school helps at-risk teenage girls from throughout the Southeast and America (USA).

Helping Girls With Difficulty with Distractions in a Classroom Setting

Helping Girls With Attention Deficit Disorder — Columbus Girls Academy helps girls get back on track academically.

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