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Admission Steps

Free Application and Enrollment Process

The first step to learn more about CGA is to call us at (334) 855-3695, or fill in our INQUIRY FORM.


Amanda Giordano, Admission Coordinator

The quick enrollment of your girl begins with an interview with our Admission Coordinator to determine if your girl is a good candidate for our program. We’ll then send you an Application for Admission and other required documents.

Our admissions team will work hard to review your application and gather all the information we need to determine whether there is a reasonable expectation for success through enrollment at CGA.  If it is determined that your teen is not a candidate, we will stick with you and help you to find the most appropriate fit for your girl. We care about your family’s success, whether that is with the assistance of CGA or another quality program.

Please Note: For your girl’s safety, CGA does not enroll girls who:
  • Are pregnant or who are already the parent of a child
  • Have a serious mental illness that is not manageable without psychiatric medication
  • Have demonstrated sexual predatory behaviors
  • Have significant developmental delay or brain damage
  • Have serious and uncontrollable fits of physical outrage/aggression
  • Are violent, or who have been convicted of violence or arson
  • Have a significant or communicable health condition or illness requiring ongoing care.

CGA is accredited through Teen Challenge USA with honors. The program length is typically 15 months.

To get the enrollment process moving along, call us at (334) 855-3695

Should you need help finding therapeutic boys homes, therapeutic boarding schools, programs for troubled teens or schools for troubled teens, please let us know. Our therapeutic boarding school provides troubled teenage girls with counseling and therapy in a beautiful southern setting. We’re a boarding school that helps at-risk teenage girls. Girls come from all over America to our boarding school, but also throughout America (USA).

Admissions – Teen Challenge School for Girls

Admissions information for the Columbus Girls Academy located in Alabama.