Teen Challenge School for Girls

Columbus Girls Academy (Alabama) IS A TEEN CHALLENGE SCHOOL FOR GIRLS THAT ProvideS an Affordable, EFFECTIVE Boarding School for TROUBLED Girls. WE WORK WITH AT-RISK GIRLS Who have Sought to Fill a Void in Their Hearts through Misbehavior, Self-Harm, or Rebellion.

The Teen Challenge Girls School, Columbus Girls Academy, Provides an Affordable, Effective Boarding School Option for Troubled Girls

girls schoolAfter parents of troubled girls have tried other tactics like relocation, counseling, and medication, they often turn to Teen Challenge. Loved ones have told some that it would be best for their girl to get away from the negative influences in her life and away from home for a while. So, they call for the help of a Christian boarding school like Teen Challenge’s Columbus Girls Academy.

The usual prospective resident at the Teen Challenge Girl’s Academy in Alabama was once bright and talented; however, her life may end up far different from what everyone hoped for because of poor choices or an uncaring attitude. Where there were once excelling grades, there is academic failure. Where there were once athletic, artistic, or musical abilities, there is a loss of interest. The girl who once sought her parents’ direction, love, approval, and acceptance now look to her peers to fulfill those needs; she is willing to allow them to lead her down an alternate and dangerous path in life.

At CGA, your girl will get a much-needed break from social media, bad influences, and dangerous substances. She will live in an environment focused on initiating a desire for a change in attitude. She will receive the tools, guidance, and encouragement to transform her negative beliefs, implement healthy relational patterns and discover new positive pursuits. Moreover, she will practice them in various contexts over time, so they become a new lifestyle before she moves on.

Columbus Girls Academy is a non-profit Christian boarding school for struggling teenage girls ages 12-17. We are located in Alabama, just a few miles west of Columbus, Georgia, or about 130 miles from Atlanta.  We offer a safe, disciplined, structured environment that emphasizes character development, spiritual growth, and personal responsibility. Our year-round program for girls is designed to develop the whole person spiritually, socially, academically, and physically.

For nearly 60 years, the Christian boarding school just for difficult girls has helped hundreds of girls get back on the right track and learn that they have a higher purpose and calling on this Earth. We surround our students all day long with an environment designed to help facilitate life change through our staff witness and guidance.

Girls who are enrolled at Teen Challenge for Girls typically come to us with behaviors such as these:

  • Loss of a positive self-image
  • Rebellion/Anger/Defiance
  • Self-Injurious Behaviors or Thoughts
  • Deceitfulness/Cheating/Theft
  • Manipulation of Family and Parents
  • Promiscuity
  • Dangerous Behavior
  • Self-Hatred

Many times, before choosing CGA, families have gotten some help from psychiatry and the prescription of medication. While psychotropic drugs can help alleviate the symptoms of deeper issues, we have achieved high success in weening girls off them. All but the most severe mental problems are generally triggered by deeper emotional issues, which must be addressed and solved clearly. Psychotropic drugs are eliminated over time with the care of our physician and the family’s psychiatrist.

A Teen Challenge BOARDING SCHOOL FOR GIRLS May Be the Right Answer

girls schoolAdolescents have often been spared or delayed the heartache of the full-blown consequences of their inappropriate decisions, sometimes by well-intending authorities in their life. For these reasons, teenagers are only sometimes entirely sure of the need for change. However, the parent is convinced of the need for intervention because their daughter is headed for disaster if such actions persist. The Teen Challenge Columbus Girls Academy is an intervention program to help change troubled teenagers’ lives before they become adults habitually demonstrating a dangerous lifestyle.

The Teen Challenge boarding school for girls offers parents an opportunity to see daily the total transformation that can happen in the lives of teenagers. This complete transformation can be seen in positive new demeanors marked by:

  • Reconciliation with God and family
  • Acknowledgment of past wrongs, accepting responsibility and seeking forgiveness
  • Acceptance of the unique individual they are
  • Getting caught up in school
  • Gifts and talents begin to excel again
  • Becomes a positive influence on others
  • Speaks truthfully and makes the truth a part of her life
  • Submits to authority
  • Begins to have a vision for a positive future
  • A joyful and serene attitude.

Please feel free to call (334)947-1010 or ask using the online inquiry form to find out more. We enroll young women from Alaska year-round.

The Teen Challenge boarding school for girls enrolls girls from around the country troubled by life-controlling issues.

The Columbus Girls Academy is a Teen Challenge school for girls located in Seale, Alabama, and it is arguably the most advanced, well-equipped, and staffed program in the nation.  There are other such Teen Challenge girls programs across the United States.

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