Teen Challenge for Girls in Florida

boarding school for troubled girlsTeen Challenge programs for girls like Columbus Girls Academy (just north of Florida in Alabama) can provide an affordable haven and school for adolescent girls in Florida and worldwide. It works with teens who have sought to fill a void in their hearts through anger, self-harm, or negative peer influences.

teen challengeAfter exhausting every option in their search to help their girl, families in Florida often seek out the Teen Challenge Columbus Girls Academy. They have usually tried relocation, counseling, and medication, all without success. Loved ones have told some that it would be a good idea for their girl to get away from the negative influences in her life and away from home for a while. That is when they seek the help of a Christian boarding school for troubled teens, like the Teen Challenge’s Columbus Girl’s Academy.

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The typical girl who is enrolled from Florida at the Teen Challenge Girl’s Academy in Alabama was once moving toward a bright future; however, because of poor choices or an uncaring attitude, her life may end up far different from what everyone hoped for. Where there were once excelling grades, there is academic failure. There were once athletic, artistic, or musical abilities; there is a loss of interest. The teenage girl who once sought her parents’ direction, love, approval, and acceptance now look to her peers to fulfill those needs; she is willing to allow them to lead her down a dark path in life.

Girls from Florida who enter our Teen Challenge for Girls program typically demonstrate attitudes and actions, including when they arrive:

  • Loss of a positive self-image
  • Rebellion/Anger/Defiance
  • Self Injurious Behaviors or Thoughts
  • Deceitfulness/Cheating/Theft
  • Manipulation of family and parents
  • Promiscuity/Gender confusion
  • Self-Hatred

Often, before selecting CGA, families in Florida have sought help from psychiatry and medication prescription. While such medications can help alleviate the symptoms of deeper issues, we have achieved significant success in weening girls off of them once and for all. All but the most severe mental issues are generally triggered by underlying emotional issues, which must be dealt with. Psychotropic drugs are eliminated over time with our physician’s supervision and the prescribing psychiatrist.

Columbus Girls Academy is the Right Answer

teen challengeOften, teenagers have been spared or delayed the trouble of the full-blown consequences for their inappropriate decisions, sometimes by well-intending authorities in their life. For these reasons, teenagers are not always entirely certain of the need for a different living way. However, the parent is certain of the need for intervention because their teenager is obviously headed for lifelong trouble if such actions persist. The Teen Challenge Columbus Girls Academy is an intervention program, hopefully helping make a change in troubled teenagers’ lives before they go on with life habitually living in a self-destructive lifestyle.

Teen Challenge for Girls offers parents an opportunity to see the total transformation that can happen in teenagers’ lives. This total transformation becomes apparent in positive new ways of thinking marked by:

  • Reconciliation with God and family
  • Acknowledgment of past wrongs, accepting responsibility, and seeking forgiveness.
  • True confidence in the unique individual they are
  • Academic improvements
  • Gifts and talents begin to come to the surface
  • She becomes a good influence on her peers
  • She speaks the truth and makes the truth a part of her life
  • Submits to authority
  • Begins to have a vision for a positive future
  • A happy and peaceful attitude.

We can be reached at (334)947-1010 or contact us using the online inquiry form to register girls from Florida year-round.

Teen Challenge for girls enrolls girls from Florida and from around the country who are troubled by life-controlling issues. Call us now to learn more about Teen Challenge for Girls.

The Columbus Girls Academy is a Teen Challenge program for girls, located in Seale, Alabama, and it is arguably the most advanced and well-equipped, and staffed such program in the nation.  Teen Challenge schools are nonprofit, residential therapeutic programs designed for troubled teens. Each school is single-gender. Teen Challenge enrolls students from all over the country, as well as some international students. All Teen Challenge programs endeavor to help transform troubled teens into mentally and spiritually balanced young adults. Teen Challenge schools are cost-effective programs for troubled teenagers who are struggling in life and need focused therapy to get back on track before becoming an adult. Troubled teens are mentored and cared for around the clock at Teen Challenge, and our programs run year-round. Teen Challenge boarding schools for struggling teens are far less expensive than for-profit boarding schools and therapeutic boarding schools.

More about Teen Challenge for girls:

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