We Help Girls with Narcissistic Personality Disorder

iStock_000008302836XSmallWe will help your daughter with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, a learned behavior disorder in which she is exceptionally self-absorbed, and shows tremendous conceit.  As a Narcissist, she believes she is exceptional and unique, and may well be self-centered and condescending toward others, acting as if no one else is on a level to be able to understand her.

Diagnosis for NPD (also called Narcissism) includes many of these symptoms: a grandiose sense of self import, complete lack of compassion, takes advantage of others, has an unwarranted expectation of especially favorable treatment, requires excessive admiration, is absorbed with fantasies of ideal love, or limitless success, beauty or power.

Helping Girls with Narcissistic Personality Disorder is Why We’re Here.

If not treated, her complications may go beyond problems at school and with relationships, to include depression, misbehavior, and even suicidal thoughts.

Schema therapy (a combination of elements from cognitive, behavioral and gestalt therapy along with object relations’ treatment) is one of the more effective treatments.  A main purpose of this therapy would be to diminish your daughter’s insistence that others see her as she wishes to be seen, and adapts instead to reality.

In serious cases, she can be controlling and self-absorbed, even intolerant and judgmental of the therapist’s thoughts.

This is Who We Are at Columbus Girls Academy

Teen Challenge Yuchi campusCGA is Christian boarding school for teenage girls suffering with life-controlling problems, we offer a disciplined and controlled therapeutic setting that focuses on whole person character development with spiritual growth, and harmonizes discipline along with personal responsibility, in a positive peer culture.

For parents who may have exhausted every alternative (counseling, medications, mental health, social services, even school changes), we suggest you consider our early intervention program, prepared to help your daughter before she becomes an adult ensnared in a dysfunctional lifestyle.

With both individual and regular group counseling, CGA allows for reflective thinking, set in the peace and tranquility of our 200-acre lakeside campus.  We customize our program for each student, and your daughter will have the opportunity to refocus and appraise her approach to life and the things and people around her.

Columbus Girls Academy. Changing motivations in life and restoring relationships. Please call us at (334) 855-3695;  we are here to assist your girl with her Narcissistic Personality Disorder in all ways possible, in an atmosphere created to ease her life change.

Should you need help finding disciplinary schools near me, residential treatment for girls, boarding schools or therapeutic boys homes, please let us know. Our therapeutic boarding school provides troubled teenage girls with counseling and therapy in a beautiful southern setting. We’re a boarding school that helps at-risk teenage girls. Girls come from all over America to our boarding school, but also throughout America (USA).

Girls With Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Narcissistic Personality Disorder is when girls have an inflated sense of their own importance, and lack empathy for others. Learn how we help these girls.