Christian Boarding Schools for Girls in Inglewood, California

While you search for Christian boarding schools for girls in Inglewood, California, please also consider Columbus Girls Academy in Alabama. CGA is sought by parents for its proven 1-year program that turns around teenage girls who have future impacting issues, lack of motivation, or bad behavior.

girls christian boarding schoolNestled on a picturesque, rolling 200-acre campus next to a private lake, Columbus Girls Academy has been helping struggling teen girls make life-transforming decisions for over 50 years. Teens arrive at Columbus Girls Academy from across the country, including from Inglewood, California. Parents find the residential school’s staff, program, and campus all exceed their expectations.

CGA is an All-Girl Christian Boarding School Designed to Work with Girls from Inglewood, California and Elsewhere

So, if your daughter in Inglewood, California, is demonstrating emotional or behavioral issues, including ADD/ADHD, depression, anxiety, oppositional defiant disorder, abuse, trauma, or substance abuse, she may be a good prospect for this program.

Columbus Girls Academy works to cultivate the whole person in four main areas: spiritual, social, academic, and physical. The program is structured and disciplined so that girls feel secure and cared for during their residence.

Unlike other girls-only Christian boarding schools near Inglewood, California, girls here are challenged daily on their motivations and practice how they interact with our staff and their peers. It is an environment that balances respect, discipline, and education with personal responsibility and clear thinking.

We provide academic repair, leadership development programs, in addition to other modern services to change the lives of the students we enroll. Through our life-changing programs, we modify the unhealthy behavior and introduce young women to a new way of living that stops a return to old behaviors.

The Religious Boarding School for Girls that is Coupled with Behavioral Therapy Program and 24/7 Care

Christian Boarding School For GirlsAt CGA, behavioral therapy is central to what we do, and it takes the form of individual and group counseling, plus continuous mentoring. Each student is assigned to a counselor who also functions as the contact point for the family. Therapy is adapted for each girl’s circumstances, and the program encourages introspection and correction.

If are searching for schools for troubled girls in California for your troubled girl, please consider CGA’s school.

Through these various programs, we can make a big difference in your girl:

1. We Provide Personalized Therapeutic Support

CGA offers on-site counseling services, including individual and group therapy, family therapy and on-campus training events, and all-day mentoring services.

2. Young Girls Gain Stability from An Organized Environment at CGA.

An organized daily schedule, good food, and daily exercise, all create a sense of safety and predictability. This stability is important for girls who’ve experienced difficult upbringing or adoption. CGA provides a structured campus that provides stability and routine, factors that can be especially beneficial for struggling girls.

CGA is an environment free from negative cultural influences, which lead to issues like substance abuse, promiscuity, anxiety, or self-harm. The serene lakefront campus is designed to provide serenity and healing, absent social media.

3. Program for Struggling Girls with Individually Customized Educational Programs

boarding schoolUnderstanding that each student is unique, CGA’s therapeutic school provides customized academic plans, accommodating different learning styles and paces. This helps ensure educational success, even while providing therapy.

CGA prioritizes academic progress and provides personalized education plans and tutoring to make sure that the girls keep up with their studies, while also addressing their personal challenges. We also provide various challenging activities and community volunteer service. These are designed to that allow the girls discover new talents, build self-assurance, and provide therapeutic outlets for expression.

4. Peer Support at CGA

Being around other girls who have encountered similar life struggles offers a built-in support system. The older girls encourage the newer ones, sharing coping mechanisms, and creating lasting friendships.

5. Essential Life Skills Development

Our program teaches important life skills, ranging from anger management and proper interaction to self-improvement and stress management. By working through their personal issues, achieving academic milestones, and developing new skills, many girls at CGA achieve a significant boost in their academics, plus new self-confidence and self-worth.

We especially underscore character development founded on biblical values. This helps struggling girls discern between good and bad and act in a way that is aligned with godly values.

6. Experiential Therapy and Animal-Facilitated Therapy

equine therapy at boarding school for troubled girlsTraditional talk therapy in an office setting is complemented by expressive therapies like art, music, equine therapy, dance, drama, and adventure programs. These offer added ways for girls to express themselves, deal with their issues, and discover therapeutic results from activities.

Our equine therapy program offers profound feedback for struggling girls. From equine therapy, they learn composure, poise, patience, mood control, and assertiveness. The special horses chosen for equine therapy are a powerful source of feedback — reflecting the student’s own attitudes. When a student is angry and unmanageable, so is her horse. In time, she learns to manage her own emotions, and that allows the horse to be calm and receptive. The horse becomes a friend who passes absolutely zero judgment and listens calmly. Equine therapy is proven to improve communication skills, and it brings about calmness and self-confidence.

7. Transition and Aftercare Support

The journey doesn’t end when your girl graduates from the CGA program. To assist with the challenges of shifting back to life back at home, CGA also providess an aftercare program. It assists girls to integrate what they have learned at CGA into daily life, ensuring they continue on a positive path. We guide the girls as they reintegrate into their home towns or transition to other schools or college.

CGA strives to cultivate a positive peer culture on the campus. Each student is taught to be responsible for her own choices and to hold others accountable for theirs, and to adjust her focus from self to serving others. We seek positive decisions not out of strict obedience but from genuine concern for self and others. Each newly enrolled student is paired with a senior student, who shows her around the academy. Thus, each girl receives the support not only of staff and teachers but also of a friend.

Education for Girls Improves in Our Christian Academy

educationIn modern society, what we DON’T teach is almost as important as what we DO teach. Unlike what is taught in today’s public schools, we don’t teach a sociopolitical agenda, race theories, gender manipulation nor do we tolerate alternate personal pronouns. And we don’t revise American or world history. We teach the essential skills needed for success and we help the girls find real purpose and meaning.

The year-round Christian boarding school offers an on-campus accredited private school facilitated by Ignitia Virtual Academy (part of Edgenuity), and managed by our certified teachers. The girls build solid academic and troubleshooting skills. Our academic program teaches the child’s capabilities and enables our staff to intercede when conditions indicate help is needed. Close supervision, the latest education technology, and individual responsibility support and stimulate students to continue their education throughout the time they are in our behavioral therapy program. Individual tutoring is also available for students falling behind in designated subjects.

Life skills instruction is also emphasized, educating responsibility, self-control, and leadership through hands-on activities, trades training, and societal aid volunteer projects.

Our Recreational Program

girls at schoolRecreation adds enjoyment to daily life with activities and on our 35-acre private lake. We go on special outings and field trips, go to concerts, have team building events, enjoy our large swimming pool and have fun in our recreational lounge. Participation in recreational activities is mandatory and completed as a group. Our exercise program incorporates calisthenics and a range of sports.

Girls today usually need to learn how to enjoy themselves in healthy and positive ways. Every component of our program teaches girls how to care about their future and enjoy life again. They learn how to set goals, develop trust with their fellows, and overcome obstacles which builds self-esteem and confidence. They not only improve physical well-being but also promote cooperation, endurance, and self-confidence.

Christian Values Abound

Christian boarding schoolsThe faith-based boarding institution for young women provides a secure, structured atmosphere where pupils can prosper academically, emotionally, and spiritually. The curriculum combines rigorous academic instruction with spiritual training, encouraging both intellectual development and moral growth. The girls engage in religious services and nurture a personal bond with God.

Columbus Girls Academy balances education and behavioral therapy with personal responsibility. We see teen girls experiencing marvelous transformation every day as they find true confidence in the individual God has created. Please think about looking beyond Inglewood, CA to see how our reasonably-priced and reputable program can bring restoration to your family.

By offering a well-rounded experience, this faith-based boarding institution strives to equip troubled young women with the tools they need to excel in life and transform into productive, empathetic citizens of community.

Through a mixture of faith, academics, and therapy, this faith-based boarding school for girls strives to reshape the lives of troubled young women and put them on a favorable, satisfying trajectory.

To find out more, explore our website, then complete our inquiry form or call us today. Application is free. The Christian boarding school enrolls girls from Inglewood, California, and from across the nation.

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Inglewood is a city in southwestern Los Angeles County, California. Inglewood was incorporated on February 14, 1908. Inglewood’s population stood at 109,673 as of the 2010 Census. Inglewood is in the South Bay region of the greater Los Angeles area.

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Boarding schools in Inglewood, California, usually provide sound academics, but we CGA adds a perfect environment and counseling tailored to help correct their unique behavioral and motivational issues. Let CGA provide lifelong improvement in the thinking and motivations of your struggling girl. Call us today or fill in the online inquiry form.