Christian Boarding Schools for Struggling Girls

While You REVIEWING Christian Boarding Schools for YOUR Girl, Will You Consider Columbus Girls Academy. WE ARE a Christian Boarding School JUST for Girls Who are Struggling

Christian boarding schools inWhile you seek Christian schools for girls, perhaps you will look at  Columbus Girls Academy?  We lovingly work with teenage girls who have life-controlling behavioral or motivational struggles.

Columbus Girls Academy is an affordable, all-female Christian boarding school. Nestled on a beautiful, rolling 200-acre campus in Southeast Alabama, Columbus Girls Academy has been helping struggling teen girls find a more productive and positive lifestyle and attitude. Teens arrive at Columbus Girls Academy from around the country.

We are a year-round boarding school just for girls, age 12-17, with life-controlling issues, inappropriate behavior, self-destructiveness, or educational failure. We offer a faith-based, loving, relational, and affordable program with around-the-clock supervision. Our immersive therapeutic environment helps girls adversely affected by a negative culture, peer pressure, past trauma or abuse, adoption, or family conflict.

Columbus Girls Academy works on four key areas: spiritual, social, academic, and physical. The program is planned and disciplined so that girls feel safe and cared for during their time here.

Behavioral and attitude change takes place from the therapeutic activities experienced throughout the day, and in individual and group therapy settings. Each girl works with a mentoring team member who also serves as the point of contact for the family. Customized for each girl’s situation, the program fosters introspection and scrutiny of personal problem areas.

A Christian Boarding School for Girls, Specifically Designed for Troubled Teens

For nearly tewnty years, CGA has helped hundreds of girls get back on the right track and learn that they have a higher purpose and calling on this Earth. We surround our students all day long with an environment designed to help facilitate life change through our staff witness and guidance.

Staff at Columbus Girls Academy strive to cultivate a positive but disciplined culture. Each student is taught to be responsible for her own behavior and to keep others accountable for theirs, and to adjust her focus from self to serving others. We seek positive actions not out of strict obedience but from genuine caring for the interests of self and others.

boarding school with equine therapyOur accredited on-campus high school is in session year-round. Girls not only get caught up on their courses, but they usually also get ahead and they go on to prepare for college entrance exams. Our on-campus teachers also tutor individual girls if they are struggling.

Life here involves a variety of recreational and extracurricular activities each week. Recreation adds enjoyment to daily life with activities on our 35-acre private lake, special outings, equine therapy, field trips, concerts, and team-building events.  Girls are taught responsibility and respect, and truthfulness is expected at all times.

Columbus Girls Academy balances discipline with personal accountability. We witness marvelous transformation in the girls every day as they find true confidence and life purpose through a new or renewed relationship with their Creator.

Contact us to see how our affordable and reputable Christian boarding school can bring restoration to your family. To find out more, we invite you to explore our website, then fill out our inquiry form or call us today.  Applying at CGA is free and without obligation.  Please consider this Christian boarding school for your struggling girl.  Even if you are further away, we enroll girls from around the nation.  We often find that being further away from home is a plus when a girl is getting the helps she needs, so she can focus on healing far away from her peers.