Boarding School for Troubled Girls

Looking for A Boarding School for a Troubled Girl? Columbus Girls Academy (in Alabama) is Considered One of the Best in the Nation

school fr troubled girlAs you search for a residential school or program for a troubled girl, please know that Columbus Girls Academy is considered one of the best.  It lovingly works with teenage girls who have life-controlling behavioral or motivational problems.

Columbus Girls Academy is a reasonably-priced, all-girl, faith-based boarding school. We’re located on a beautiful, rolling 200-acre campus in Southeast Alabama.  We help leading troubled teen girls to a more productive and positive lifestyle and attitude. Girls come to Columbus Girls Academy from across the nation.

The year-round alternative to therapeutic boarding schools helps girls ages 12-17 who are struggling with rebellion, social awkwardness, academic failure, respect for authority, or who are self-destructing or exhibiting dangerous behavior.  A significant percentage of the girls in our care were adopted or have developed emotional, behavioral, or relational problems in their adolescent years.

We offer an amazing campus and a loving staff in an affordable program that is just for girls. We feature a first-class school, character-building activities, and spiritual support. We build a stronger future for girls who are responding negatively to adoption, relational discord, peer pressure, or other trauma.

Columbus Girls Academy works to cultivate the girl’s future in four main areas: spiritual, social, academic, and physical. The program is structured and disciplined, so girls feel protected and cared for during their stay.

Like the more expensive therapeutic boarding schools, we help work on behavioral and attitude change with therapeutic activities throughout the day and in individual and group therapy sessions.  We provide both individual and group therapy. Each student is also assigned to a mentoring team member who serves as the family’s contact point. Tailored to each girl’s behavior, the curriculum fosters introspection and examination of personal problem areas through tools such as scripture memorization, character quality studies, and more.

For Troubled Girls, Our Boarding School is Designed Specifically for Recovery From Life-Controlling Behaviors

Staff at Columbus Girls Academy work hard to mentor the girls and create a positive culture to bring about inner change.. Each girl is taught to be responsible for her own decisions, hold others accountable for theirs, and adjust her focus from self to serving others. We seek positive behavior not out of strict obedience but from genuine concern for ourselves and others.

boarding school for troubled girlsOur accredited high school operates year-round, and enrollment is year-round as well. Girls not only get caught up in their courses, but they usually also get ahead and go on to prepare for college entrance exams. Our on-campus teachers facilitate individual tutoring of girls.

Student life sparkles with a range of recreational and extracurricular activities each week. Recreation brings fun to daily life with activities on our 35-acre private lake, special outings, field trips, concerts, and team-building events.

Columbus Girls Academy balances discipline with individual responsibility. We see marvelous transformation in our residents daily as they find true confidence and purpose through a new or renewed relationship with Christ.

This lower-cost and reputable Christian boarding school can lead to restoration in your family. To find out more, we invite you to investigate our website, fill out our inquiry form or call us today.

Please consider our Christian boarding school for troubled girls. Your girl will get the helps she needs, so she can focus on her future.