Boarding School for Girls Who are Struggling

While You are Looking for Boarding Schools for A Girl WHO IS STRUGGLING, Will You Consider Columbus Girls Academy, The Unique Boarding School in Alabama that Just Enrolls Struggling Girls

struggling girls schoolAs you seek boarding schools for struggling girls, perhaps you will consider a boarding school in Alabama.  Columbus Girls Academy lovingly works with teenage girls who have life-controlling behavioral or motivational issues. The all-female Christian boarding school is on a picturesque, rolling 200-acre campus in Southeast Alabama. Columbus Girls Academy has introduced troubled girls to a more productive and positive lifestyle and attitude. Teens arrive at Columbus Girls Academy from across the country.

At CGA, your girl will get a much-needed break from social media, bad influences, and dangerous substances. She will live in an environment focused on initiating a desire for a change in attitude. She will receive the tools, guidance, and encouragement to transform her negative beliefs, implement healthy relational patterns and discover new positive pursuits. Moreover, she will practice them in various contexts over time so they become a new lifestyle before she moves on.

Columbus Girls Academy is a non-profit Christian boarding school for struggling teenage girls ages 12-17. We are located in Alabama, just a few miles west of Columbus, Georgia, or about 100 miles from Atlanta.  We offer a safe, disciplined, structured environment emphasizing character development, spiritual growth, and personal responsibility. Our year-round program for girls is designed to develop the whole person spiritually, socially, academically, and physically.

For nearly 60 years, the Christian boarding school just for difficult girls has helped hundreds of girls get back on the right track and learn that they have a higher purpose and calling on this Earth. We surround our students all day long with an environment designed to help facilitate life change through our staff witness and guidance.

Behavioral and attitude change occurs here, partly due to therapeutic activities experienced throughout the day and in individual and group therapy. Each student works with a mentor who also serves as the point of contact for the family. Tailored to each girl’s circumstances, the boarding school program encourages introspection and study of personal problem areas.

Boarding School for Girls, Specifically Designed for Struggling Girls

Columbus Girls Academy strives to cultivate a positive peer culture so that each student is taught to be responsible for her own choices. We seek positive actions not out of strict obedience but from genuine caring for the interests of self and others.

boarding school for troubled girlsOur accredited high school operates year-round, and enrollment is year-round as well. Girls not only get caught up in their courses, but they usually also get ahead and go on to prepare for college entrance exams. Our on-campus teachers facilitate individual tutoring of girls.

A resident girl’s life sparkles with various weekly recreational and extracurricular activities. Recreation adds enjoyment to daily life with activities on our 35-acre private lake, special outings, field trips, concerts, and team-building events.

Columbus Girls Academy balances discipline with personal responsibility. We see marvelous transformation in our residents daily as they come to true confidence and purpose through a new or renewed relationship with Christ.

See how our affordable and reputable boarding school for struggling girls can lead to restoration in your family. We invite you to use our inquiry form or call us today to discover more.

Please consider our boarding school for struggling girls. We often find that being farther away from home is a plus when a girl gets the help she needs, so she can focus on healing far away from her peers.

THE FOLLOWING IS TO HELP US BE FOUND IN SEARCH, IT DOES NOT REFLECT OUR PROGRAM OR LICENSING:  Should you need help finding schools for troubled teens, therapeutic boarding schools, boys ranchesChristian boarding schools, or christian boarding ranches for troubled boys, please let us know.  Parents looking for therapeutic boarding schools for troubled girls and military schools for girls typically have a troubled girl.  Such therapeutic boarding schools for girls and girls homes provide help for troubled teens. Other girls-only therapeutic schools and Christian boarding schools for girls are places to send troubled youth.  The difference between an all-girl military school and a troubled teen therapeutic school has to do with discipline and methods they use. Typical Christian boarding schools are not places to send troubled youth, since they have no therapy and little discipline for troubled girls — they usually will not enroll troubled teens and are not considered troubled teen schools, unlike therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment centers for troubled girls, and Christian boarding schools just for troubled teen girls – a school for troubled girls.

Boarding School for Girls Who are Struggling

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