Rebecca Boone, Program Manager

Rebecca Boone came to work for CGA May of 2001. Born and raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Rebecca was an active member of her church from a young age. At Southeastern University, Rebecca earned her bachelor’s degree in Social Work. After gaining experience with several social service organizations and advocacy groups Rebecca’s passion for ministry grew. Rebecca loves working at CGA because she is able to do be a part of an organization that equips young people through a Christ centered approach. Rebecca is a Board Certified Biblical Counselor through the American Association of Christian Counselors. Rebecca is happily married and lives with her husband in the local area. Others describe her as hard working, compassionate, and family oriented. In her free time Rebecca enjoys being with friends and family, walking her dogs, and taking up new projects such as making jams and gardening.

Sarah Gibson, Counselor

Through close friendships in college, Sarah was learned about the ministry of Teen Challenge. In 2002 after college graduation, she relocated to devote her passions to the CGA family. Sarah holds a B.A. in Psychology and has earned multiple certifications for child development through ongoing training and classes. Sarah learned how to trust God through early childhood illness, and has served Him since youth. She wants others to experience the same joy and peace she has enjoyed through the blessing of serving Christ. Sarah most enjoys helping students relate their life experiences with God’s reality through group and individual counseling. She is known to be sociable and gentle, with an eagerness for truth and wisdom. These traits have served her well in her role at CGA as a counselor. Sarah most enjoys her free time spent with family and friends, especially her husband and sons.

Candace Williams, Teacher

Candace Williams comes to CGA after 25 years as a missionary in Europe. Her profession before her missionary career was Math Education and she has taught High School math for 15 years. Candace is certified to teach math in four states and internationally. Her last teaching position was at Evangelical Christian Academy in Madrid Spain. Candace has been acquainted with Teen Challenge since 1965 when a group of Teen Challenge men shared their testimonies in her father’s church. Candace’s husband joined the Global Teen Challenge team in August 2011 and she joined our team here at CGA in October 2011. Candace enjoys teaching math at every level. She says, “Math seems to be challenging for most, yet with encouragement and skilled instruction, the girls complete their courses successfully.” If her students could use one word to describe Mrs. Williams, it would be “inspiring”. Candace likes to spend her free time enjoying family, church, photography, and gardening.

Pamela Cooner, Teacher

Pamela Cooner, from Smiths Station, Alabama, has been involved in ministry since her teenage years and has taught for more than 15 years. She has taught high school-aged students as well as adult education. She has a Bachelor’s of Religious Education and a Bachelor of Arts. Pamela says, “I’m most passionate about being a positive example to our students and holding up the girls and the ministry in prayer.” She is described by her daughter as fun, quiet, reserved, creative, artistic, and organized. In her free time she enjoys spending time with family, kayaking, hiking, camping, being outside and reading, drawing/painting.

Christina Hayes, Residential Counselor

Christina Hayes is a graduate of Georgia College and State University and earned a B.S. in Psychology. Throughout college Christina volunteered for Young Life, a ministry that mentors and disciples adolescents. During Christina’s time in Young life the Lord developed a passion in her to disciple teenage girls. Christina said, “I always knew the world was broken, anyone can see that but it wasn’t until The Lord brought healing to my life that I began to realize that I was able to help lead others to Christ so that they may find healing as well.” Christina interned at a behavior health center during college and discovered there her desire to be a counselor. After college Christina served as a youth director in southeast Georgia. Christina enjoys being outside, reading, hiking, playing the guitar and writing her own music. Her friends would describe her as someone who is intentional, caring and outdoorsy.

Kate Fagin, Residential Counselor

Kate was born and raised in Washington, Missouri. In her teen years Kate found the life changing intervention she needed when she walked through the doors of Teen Challenge as a student. After completion of the program and internship training Kate joined the CGA team in 2008. Kate is an alumni of Liberty University with a degree in psychology. She is also a Board Certified Biblical Counselor through American Association of Christian Counselors. Kate knows without a doubt that God had called her to work with adolescent girls. Having completed the Teen Challenge program herself, Kate understands the growing process that has to take place in our students. Understanding and compassionate towards each student, she knows when to listen and when to give direction. Kate says, “I don’t want to keep all that I have learned to myself, I know this program and most importantly, I know how God changes lives.” Kate enjoys reading, relaxing, taking walks and spending time with her friends during her free time.

Shanelle Rodriguez, Residential Counselor

Shanelle grew up in Columbus, GA in a Christian family and a dad who was a Pastor. It was in her junior year of high school when she realized she wanted to do something with her life to help hurting people. After High School, Shanelle attended Columbus State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Minor in Spanish. After graduating college Shanelle served on the Youth Staff at North Highlands Church where she organized youth events and small groups. Now with CGA, Shanelle is able to utilize the gifts and passion to help hurting teen girls. Shanelle serves as a residential counselor at CGA and is most passionate about showing students the love of God. Shanelle loves people and wants to share God’s love with as many people she may reach.

Ivy Laing, Residential Counselor

Ivy is originally from Albany, GA and from an early age had a deep passion for people and a compassion for the hurting. Growing up in a Christian home Ivy had a sense God would use that passion in her future calling. Ivy later attended Georgia Southwestern State University and earned her B.S. in Sociology with a minor in Psychology. While in college, Ivy started a homeless ministry out of her car. After graduating college Ivy became a missionary in East Africa. She worked as an English teacher and volunteered to help minister to unreached people groups. When she returned stateside, Ivy began working with Mission Change, a non-profit ministry in Albany, GA that stands up for issues that are often overlooked in our surrounding communities. Ivy is a currently a certified minister. Ivy has a heart for discipleship, a desire to see teenage girls fall in love with Christ and for them to know they are daughters of a great King. She wants teenage girls to know that Jesus can heal you from any hurt that life may have left them with. Ivy has a heart for the nations, to see the captives set free, and to see earth look a little more like heaven.

Annette Prim, Program Assistant

All the way from Gander Newfoundland, Canada – Annette learned about Teen Challenge through reading the several books about the ministry and watching the movie The Cross and the Switchblade. Annette left 21 years of retail experience behind to enroll in the Teen Challenge Ministry Institute for 2 years of preparation to work for a Teen Challenge center. Annette joined the team in August of 2001. A wonderful example to our students, Annette has been a Christian, serving the Lord, for 29 years. She is certified in Teen Challenge’s specialized bible curriculum. Annette is most passionate about working with the students on their bible curriculum, praying with them and encouraging them to be beautiful and successful women of God. The motivation behind what she does at CGA is the fact that she knows she is in God’s will. Annette says “being at CGA is like living in the book of Acts!” Annette is dedicated and loyal. She has a great sense of humor, and is great at getting a good a laugh from the students and her co workers. A true Canadian, Annette enjoys cold weather, traveling and drinking hot tea.

Anna Grundhoefer, Program Assistant

Anna Grundhoefer grew up in Montgomery, Alabama. She was raised in a Christian family but began to stray as a teenager. In Anna’s late teens she entered Columbus Girls Academy and rededicated her life to Christ. While attending CGA, Anna felt the call of God to reach out and touch the poor in spirit, the hurting and the hard-hearted with God’s everlasting love. She was accepting into a leadership training program and moved on to an internship after graduating CGA. Anna’s depth of knowledge of the program structure and on the job experience qualifies her as a program assistant to the program manager. She is also a college student working towards her teaching degree. Anna’s main motivation in what she does at CGA is to see the Holy Spirit draw in the hardest of hearts and transform the lives of the girls. “What impacted me the most in the program,” she says, “was having that balance of getting the discipline I needed, but also receiving that genuine type of love at the same time!” Anna loves to read, play piano, and spend time with friends and family. Her friends would describe her as fun-loving, protective, and strong-willed.

Jessica Taylor, Residential staff

Jessica Taylor is from Alton, Illinois. Jessica came to CGA with prior experience in curriculum development, mentoring, and teaching in the Teen Challenge program. She is currently enrolled at Grand Canyon University and is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Christian Studies. Jessica got involved with Teen Challenge when she entered the program as a teen. After the program, Jessica entered Teen Challenge Leadership Institute in Minneapolis, where she completed two years of ministry and leadership training. Jessica struggled a lot with rebellion as a teenager which is one reason she is so committed to helping this generation. “I have been in their shoes, and I know what it is like to have absolutely no hope for anything better for your life” says Jessica. Having been through the program, she realizes the importance of community, speaking the truth in love and boldness, and is committed to making each individual girl known and loved. During her free time Jessica likes to take walks, work on her education, and spend time with friends and family.

Kaitlin Vied, Residential Staff

Kaitlin is a CGA Teen Challenge graduate and went through the program in 2010. After surrendering her life to the Lord, God gave her a passion for missions and discipleship ministry. After completing Teen Challenge, Kaitlin went to Emerging Leaders College where she earned her Associates Degree in Bible and Theology, and received hands on ministry training. While in college, she felt the call to come back to the Teen Challenge ministry. One of Kaitlin’s greatest passions is walking through the daily process of life transformation with people. She enjoys being outdoors, reading, and playing music with her friends. Her friends would describe her as fun-loving, energetic, and strong willed.

Beth Hill, Residential Staff

All the way from Massachusetts, Beth came down to join our team shortly after graduating college. Beth attended Northpoint Bible college where she double majored in Biblical Studies and World Missions, and graduated with honors. Beth grew up in a Christian family, with her Dad a pastor at a inner city church and Mom a former Christian school teacher. As a teenager she saw the hopelessness of her friends, as some ran away from home, others dropped out of school and even more turned to drugs and alcohol to ease their pain. Beth’s heart burned with a desire and passion to not only help her peers but future generations going down this same detrimental path. Beth has a heart for missions, and is working on her ministerial license.

Chelsea McGregor, Residential Staff

Since Chelsea was 9 years old missions has been on her heart. Though she didn’t know exactly what that would look like, she knew God had placed a passion for lost people in her life. Growing up in church, she always loved working with the children and the students in her youth ministry. She loved being a camp counselor and pouring into the students. She graduated from Blue Mountain College with a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies and minor in business and music. Following graduation she ultimately knew she wanted to help people, particularly children and young adolescents. God blessed her with the opportunity to begin pursuing her master’s degree in counseling and move to Atlanta, Ga to intern at World Relief. Following her internship she learned about Teen Challenge and came to join the team at CGA. Chelsea says she has loved every minute of being here. She loves seeing God move through the students lives.