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girls boarding schoolsGirls who enroll at Columbus Girls Academy are often gifted and have great potential; however, they have turned to self destructive choices and have lost a purpose in their life. Where there was once excelling grades, there is now an uncaring attitude and failing grades. Where there was once athletic, artistic or musical abilities, there is now a loss of interest in such endeavors. The young girl that always looked to her parents and family for direction, love, approval and acceptance, now looks to her peers to fulfill those needs; she is willingly following the wrong path.


Students who enter Columbus Girls Academy usually exhibit behavioral issues such as:

  • girls boarding schoolsLow self-esteem
  • Rebellion/Anger/Defiance
  • Depression/Self-Destructive thoughts
  • Deceitfulness/Cheating/Theft
  • Manipulation
  • Promiscuity
  • Minor drug or alcohol use
  • Self-harm
  • Risky online behavior

Some of our students have been previously diagnosed with behavioral or psychological “disorders” such as:

  • ADHD or ADD
  • Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD)
  • Bipolar
  • Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)
  • Depression

girls boarding schools

As teens, our students have only begun to experiment with behaviors that would later in life render them completely hopeless and unfulfilled in every area of their life; emotionally, academically, physically, and spiritually. In some cases, the girls have been protected from the full consequences of their decisions by well intending and loving adults. For these reasons, the girls are not always entirely certain of the need for change in their lives. However, the family has become convinced of a need for life changing intervention and a separation from the environment and peers that may have been facilitating such behaviors. Columbus Girls Academy is an early intervention program, intervening before the girls become adults, trapped in a dysfunctional lifestyle.


Should you need help finding military school directorieshomes for troubled boysranches for troubled teens or affordable boarding schools, please let us know. Our therapeutic boarding school provides troubled teenage girls with counseling and therapy in a beautiful southern setting. We’re a boarding school that helps at-risk teenage girls from homes in: Tennessee, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Georgia, Florida and Alabama. Girls come from all over America to our boarding school, but also throughout America (USA).

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